Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I became an Innkeeper

Many people ask if I always wanted to be an innkeeper and the answer is no...and yes. When I look back over my notebooks of decorating ideas and boxes of recipes and when I think back to childhood dreams of having a big house in the woods where homeless animals could come, and all my training (waitress, janitor, hospital aide, teacher, customer service and a degree in Psychology), it becomes apparent I was headed this direction without knowing it.

The more obvious beginning of the journey came from traveling and staying in B&Bs and thinking, "wouldn't this be fun."

My mom was the first to try a B&B in Jefferson, TX.  She fell in love and began joking about how we should open an inn so she could cook fun breakfasts and I could do what I love - keeping house (very similar to keeping inn). And, as Mike and I drove the back roads of America (without reservations for lodging) I would always encourage him to drive one more mile because I knew that around the next bend in the road, up on a hill, would be the perfect little place.

We never found that place so we decided to build it.   And we always tell people, "when you think you have gone too far just go one more mile. We are around the next bend, up on the hill."

Here is an excerpt from a journal entry I kept from our opening weekend:

Well, we are now "official" innkeepers!  We had a full house both Friday
and Saturday nights and all went as well as could be expected
considering the workmen left 2 hours before the first guest arrived and
I forgot to put water glasses in the bathrooms. (I discovered a whole
new level of stress and finally hit what long distance runners call a
"wall"...moved passed it into some kind of blessed numbness) The great
news is I have finally found what I want to be when I grow up.  I love
this job!!  I love helping people and making them comfortable, I love
cleaning, I love serving...I love it.  I have finally found a place to
be a permanent "Mother Hen" and 16 is just about the right number of
chicks.  2/16/98
In the weeks and months to come, I am sure, with your help, I can figure out this blogging thing. My hope is to publish stories on Mondays and tutorials/recipes on Thursdays.  Please feel free to offer advice, criticism or suggestions. I'll welcome your comments and any requests for specific topics.


  1. May I be the FIRST TO say I am so glad you wanted to use your gifts to be an innkeeper! You and Mike are naturals! I will enjoy this blog, until I can be there again to view "The Stuff Closet" in person! Congrats on one more achievement!

  2. Have seen the "Stuff Closet"! Hope we can get down there soon. What B&B in Jefferson? Where we got out start in staying in B&Bs.

    Soups On!


  3. Very good for a first time blog. I don't read many blogs, but you kept my interest, made me laugh, and smile. Can't wait to see what you blog on Thursday.