Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Button Napkin Rings


They are fun and easy but take a little time.  I made these to co-ordinate with our multicolored floral tablecloths.  You could use school colors, holiday green & red or blue & gold, or all natural bone. I just happen to have several tins of old buttons from Mom, who used to make all our clothes when I was growing up.  I recognize many of the buttons on these rings and it brings back happy memories when I am setting the table with them.

First, cut the number of rings you want out of waistband elastic, about 4.5" long for each.  You can get the width that works for you. I happen to like the wider kind.

Sew on individual buttons, making sure to knot off each one.  This will ensure they don't all come off when one invariably does.  The flat buttons are easier to work with but use different kinds, shapes and colors for interest.  Be aware that metal buttons tend to eat through the thread quicker so double sew those for stronger attachment.

 When you get close to the end, leave a little bit of elastic so you can whip stitch the ends together. The mistake I made with the my first try was not allowing the the elastic to drape around my fingers.  When I went to finish it and brought the two ends together, the buttons were all popping up and I had to go back and tuck in more buttons to keep the elastic from showing. If you keep forming the elastic into a ring as you go along, you get a better idea how the buttons will lie.

After you attach the two ends together, finish sewing buttons over the seam and..volia!
I like being able to stretch the rings but, if you would like for the inside to be more finished, you could cut a strip of felt the size of the inside and glue it in after sewing.

If this short tutorial is not clear, please don't hesitate to send questions.  The great thing about blogs is I can edit and update them after the fact!


  1. I looked at these napkin rings closely, when we were there, I love these !! Thanks for the tutorial Rhonda. :)

  2. These napkin rings have always been my favorite, Rhonda. You told me how to make them when we were there last year but seeing them on your blog is the best lesson. BTW, love your blog!

  3. After we were there a few weeks ago I came back and told my good friend that likes to craft about them and how we could make them since we both have lots of buttons to choose from. Betty from Pineville