Thursday, June 30, 2016

Buying Sheets Part III

“I want your sheets!”

Well, you can’t have them. Not because I don’t love you…they just don’t make them anymore.  Most of the American mills (including Fieldcrest/Cannon that made our wonderful Charisma Dot sheets) closed several years ago.  The linens we have purchased since then just don’t match up.  And beware of the “Charisma” sheets out there now…they are NOT the same.

I posted this on Feb 20, 2012 and it has gotten more response than all my other blog posts combined. I posted in 2015 about some sheets I found that were OK. I was mainly excited that I could get bottom sheets that fit by custom ordering.

But now I want to bring your attention to a new American company that I have high hopes for. Their name is Authenticity 50 and you can check them out at or follow #seedtostitch

I like these folks. They grow their own cotton (in America), weave their own fabric (in America) and stitch their own sheets (still right here in America). They are putting people back to work in American mills and they make a good product.

Granted, these are not the Charisma Dot sheets we have all been searching for and comparing notes on in my last two " Buying Sheets" posts. But they are really good substitutes. I bought a set a few months ago and have been washing, ironing and sleeping on them. They have a good crisp feel, they iron wonderfully and sleep great. I like the way the top, bottom and side hems are finished and they are almost perfect pillowcases (they are looking at hemming BOTH seams in the future) My only complaint is the bottoms are still a little big for a regular mattress (14") but they are the tightest I have found not purchasing custom sizes (that are inferior fabric).

Even though I can tell a difference between these and the old Charisma Dot sheets, Authenticity 50 gets bonus points for the All American approach.

I talked to them about what I like in a sheet, sent them one of my last remaining Charisma sheets (with strict instructions to send back some day) and listened to what all they had to say. They are a new company, trying very hard to make a great product sold directly to the public. I am hoping when they get their feet under them and have some money for expansion, a "luxury" line like the Charisma Dot can be included.

If you order from them, let them know you found them here AND put in your vote for a Charisma-like sheet.

How nice to be able to promote 100% MADE IN AMERICA! Check them out today. You won't be disappointed.